Order Yourselves


Are you going to a festive, company meal this year? Many restaurants want you to pre-order your food. This usually involves a number of frustrating, error-prone steps[1]. And, unlike ordering at the table, guests are in the dark about what everyone else is choosing.

There is a better way: FuseOrder.

  1. The meal organiser creates the event and adds people to invite (or makes the link available to guests).

  2. As a guest, you can see who else is going and what they've chosen. Then you can make your selection from the menu, whenever suits you.

  3. Once everyone has chosen, the organiser locks the event and can make it available to the restaurant for them to approve. The restaurant also sees a summary of the order.


At the meal, everyone can be reminded of what they ordered and, if it helps, see how much theirs cost.

FuseOrder isn't just for Christmas though. Add your own places and menus for:

FuseOrder: Your guests and your hosts will love you.


Typical steps involve:
  • the organiser getting hold of a menu and reserving a table for a rough number of guests
  • sending a copy of the menu to the invited guests (I've seen some illegible photos used for this!)
  • collecting all the responses and translating them into actual items on the menu
  • chasing up missing and confusing responses
  • handling people changing their minds
  • collating a summary of the items ordered
  • telephoning the restaurant and reading out the summary and confirming the number of guests
  • the restaurant writing down the items and translating them into items on their menu
  • handling people changing their minds too late
  • the restaurant creating another copy of the ordered items for the chefs
  • everyone arriving for the meal and asking "what did I order again?"
  • keying the order into the till for the bill
Each of these steps is fraught with delays and chances for compounding transcription errors or omissions.