The last James Bond film I watched was Moonraker, but I recently caught the ending of Skyfall on TV and realised why I don't watch them anymore.

According to wikipedia, the section I saw was when Bond took M to his Skyfall home and with Kincade's help they set up a series of booby traps throughout the house. Silva's men arrived.

Now, these men looked pretty well-trained to me and I'm sure they were fully expecting a booby trapped house. One of the first traps you might expect would be some kind of pressure plate or trip-wire on the entrance to the house grounds.

Yet I watched with disbelief as all Silva's men got out of their jeeps and, when presented with a derelict gateway with waist-high walls either side of it, funnelled through the gate shoulder to shoulder.

  1. Why was there no trap placed there? It seems like they had plenty of time and surely, between 007 and the head of MI6, they could have come up with something.

  2. Why don't the attackers send something inanimate through the gate first - an empty vehicle maybe? Or at least go through the gate one at a time to reduce their exposure. Or hey, here's a thought, why don't some of you hop over the wall and enter either side of the gateway?