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In an effort to develop software while travelling, without having to lug a laptop or use a fiddly on-screen keyboard, I've put together a small keyboard.

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ThinkSQL ODBC Driver Source

The ThinkSQL ODBC driver source code is now available here.

The driver is pure Delphi but the specification is C-based and very detailed. Memory handling and complex state transitions between client and server made this a large undertaking.

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Running Yahoo! Pipes on Google App Engine

Yahoo! Pipes is an excellent tool for processing data. It provides a visual way to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web. It's very much like plumbing with data and is a great metaphor. I'm convinced that this approach is just the beginning, and look forward to connecting systems using pipes in a three-dimensional virtual environment with tactile and audio feedback... soon.

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Run a pipe2py-generated pipe on Google App Engine

Once you've used pipe2py to convert your Yahoo! Pipe into a local Python module, you can then host it as your own Google App Engine application. You just need a bit of boilerplate to handle the parameters and output formatting. I've created a sample project containing this boilerplate here: https://github.com/ggaughan/testpipe. You'll need to include a copy of pipe2py, so it can find the modules it needs, and replace the demo pipeline references with your own. See the README for details.