The best a man can get?

For some reason I don't really understand, I shave my face almost every day. I use a manual razor, currently a Wilkinson Sword Quattro-Iced-Titanium-Strontium-something or other. I did try to stick with a perfectly acceptable Gillette three-blade razor but was forced to upgrade to a four-blader by some clever, nationally coordinated, stocking systems. Whatever's next? I'm now trying to avoid upgrading to a manual razor with a battery in, and an extra indicator to tell me to buy more blades.

For many years I put up with buying a new pack of blades every couple of months or so, as a single blade used to last me between 1 and 3 weeks (over £9 for a pack of 4 blades, which cost under £0.05 each to manufacture). But I could never stomach the adverts. The ones where men are hugging babies and doing man things, like driving cars and playing golf all set to a crescendoing power ballad. Especially the father's day specials. So here's my response to the bad adverts - a top tip that Gillette don't want you to know that will save you hundreds of pounds: When you've finished shaving, dry the razor head on a towel.

That's it: after every shave, make sure there's no water left on the metal blades by dabbing them on a towel and your blades will last many, many times longer. I've been doing this for a few years, and I now only use about 3 blades a year. Do it - they'll have less money to spend on their insulting adverts. Or grow a beard.